Battling the Coronamonster

What is going on in the world right now with the global COVID-19 pandemic shows just how prevalent monsters still are, even though we might like to think that science has everything taped.

Love Island’s Trophy Beef

So, the serried ranks of the enlightened Twitterati, plus all the tabloid readers, have been up in arms about the Love Island contestant, Ollie Williams, who has been outed as a trophy hunter, not just figuratively but also literally. Pictures of him astride conquests such as buffalo, sable antelope and even an eland emerged soon... Continue Reading →

The Mastodon named Leviathan

There is a particularly special fossil in one of the Wonder Bays of the Natural History Museum's Hintze Hall, It is important because of historical interest, being the first fossil skeleton of an American Mastodon, or Mammut Americanum ever constructed. More intriguing is this skeleton's brief stint as a vast, impossible monster and tourist attraction as... Continue Reading →

The Song of the Walrus

In 1521, the head of a sea monster was sent by Bishop Walkendorf of Trondheim to Pope Leo X. On its way south, an artist painted an effigy of the imagined entire creature on the Town Hall in Strasbourg. The mural was accompanied by a poem, the song of the walrus...

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