In defence of mediocre gloop monsters: Stranger Things 3

There was a piece in the Spectator US today critiquing the Season 3 of Stranger Things . Tristan Priskett argued that the writers had missed a trick by avoiding engaging with current issues head on. I couldn't get away from the feeling that Tristan had shot a rather significant blank in his understanding of the role of monsters in horror and sci fi.

The Lady and Brexicorn

A few months ago I was on BBC Woman's Hour talking about the persistent and not-so-recent trend in all things unicorn.¬† [Listen to the clip¬†here] It was a last minute appearance, I had barely had time to prepare at all before I was being ushered into the studio to sit eyeball to eyeball with the... Continue Reading →

Unicorns and Snowflakes, a history

New blog post (rather more tongue in cheek than usual): Unicorns used to be fabulous, elusive beasts from the distant corners of the globe depicted on tapestries and the pages of medieval bestiaries. But look around now, and unicorns are nothing if not prolific. You can barely take a step these days without encountering one, figuratively or literally...

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