Unicorns and Snowflakes, a history

New blog post (rather more tongue in cheek than usual): Unicorns used to be fabulous, elusive beasts from the distant corners of the globe depicted on tapestries and the pages of medieval bestiaries. But look around now, and unicorns are nothing if not prolific. You can barely take a step these days without encountering one, figuratively or literally...

Imagining the thylacine

There is rarely a clearer demonstration of the ways in which the depictions of animals are used to give them moral weighing than looking at how a creature has been portrayed before and after its extinction. Especially if the extinction was caused or largely caused by humans. Take the thylacine....

The badger culls aren’t quite black and white

Recently, the government announced that they would be extending badger culls (which have not worked) not only to other 'high risk' areas for bovine TB but also granting licenses in new 'low risk' zones across the UK as well. This is a very complicated issue.

Last man standing: slow-creep extinction

There has been widespread lamentation of the passing of Sudan, the last male northern white rhino. But it was already an extinct species. These magnificent creatures snuffed it a long time ago and few people noticed. Extinction is sneaky.

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