Collection catalogue 2: water worlds

These objects are all marine specimens. But they are certainly not all from the same habitat, they span the ocean floor to the shoreline, the red-lit depths to the bright, sparkling space of the photic zone; anchored creatures to those that spend their lives traversing the open ocean.

Collection catalogue 1: integuments

Collectors have always produced catalogues of their collections. These have taken a wide variety of forms, from the luxurious to the basic; they could be taxonomic check-lists of contents, or lavish and erudite works explaining the cosmology of the collection. I wanted to see what would happen if I made a catalogue of my collection. 

On collecting: my cabinet

I have a cabinet containing most of my natural history collection in the corner of my flat. It's usually barely part of my conscious experience of my living space, but a thorough reworking recently proved to be a process of personal archaeology. 

Curse of Medusa’s head: animating the corals

Corals are still seen by most people as still mineral-plants, not keystone animals. Changing our intuitive understandings of the value of natural things - which seems to have moved on little from the medieval Great Chain of Being- might help to stop biodiversity losses.

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