On the end of species

Working through my synopsis of Darwin's 'Origin' got me thinking about how things have changed. We now have unprecedented access to the blueprints of life. Genetic technologies are changing how we view living things, but might they even begin to dissolve the very meaning of a 'species'?


Animal Imaginings

Our perceptions of other beasts tell us a great deal about ourselves

When unicorns roamed the seas

I recently consulted as one of the 'unicorn experts' for a lovely article in The Observer by Alice Fisher, 'Why the unicorn has become the emblem for our times'. It got me thinking about unicorns, and I came up with a piece of a very different sort to that the Observer published, but I'll keep... Continue Reading →

Making monsters

What is it that monsters still do for us that makes them so popular and so persistent? Yes, monsters scare us, but why do they scare us?

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