Magazine/Blog articles:

‘Monstrous Isles’, The Island Review, December 2018

‘Global Greed and the Gluttonous Dodo’, Berfrois, November 2018

‘A History of Monsters’, Aeon Magazine, October 2018

Pangolins – classifying ‘scaly lizards’, Renaissance Skin blog, July 2018′

‘Fallen Angels: Birds of Paradise in Early Modern Europe’, Public Domain Review, April 2018

‘Scaly Devils’, BBC Wildlife Magazine, 14th March 2018

‘The Chimaera’, The Learned Pig, 10th Dec 2017

‘The Monstrous Body’, The Learned Pig, 10th Dec 2017

‘Hic Fuerunt Dracones’, The Learned Pig, 10th Dec 2017

‘Churchill’s Platypus’, BBC Wildlife Magazine (31), October 2017

‘Decoding the Morse: The History of 16th-Century Narcoleptic Walruses’, Public Domain review, 2017 (included in The Public Domain Review: Selected Essays, Vol. V, PDR Press, 2018).

Frankenstein or Krampus? What our monsters say about us’, The Conversation, 2016

‘Disembodied birds: crafting the dodo and the birds of paradise in L’Écluse’s Exoticorum libri decem’, Commodity histories, 2014


Feathers and Eggshells, The Bird Journal of a Young London Girl, Brambleby Books, 2005

Academic writing:

Book Chapters:

  • ‘Making Monsters in Early Modern Europe’, Worlds of Natural History, Cambridge University Press, 2018.
  • ‘Early biogeographies and symbolic use in Europe in the 16th-18th centuries’, in D.W.S. Challender, H. Nash, C. Waterman and C. R. Shepherd (eds), Pangolins: Science, Society and Conservation, Elsevier, forthcoming.


Book Reviews:

  • ‘Plumed wonders and ornithological passions (review of Drawn from Paradise: The Natural History, Art and Discovery of the Birds of Paradise, Attenborough & E. Fuller (2012); Ten Thousand Birds:
  • Ornithology since Darwin, T. Birkhead, J. Wimpenny, B. Montgomerie (2014))’, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C (2014).
  • ‘Entrepreneurial knowledge-making: Review of Commercial Visions, Science, Trade and Visual Culture in the Dutch Golden Age, Dániel Margócsy, University of Chicago Press, 2014’, Endeavour (2015).
  • ‘Enenkel, Karl A. and Smith, Paul J. (editors). Zoology in early modern culture: intersections of science, theology, philology, and political and religious education: volume 32‘, review, Archives of Natural History, (2016).


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